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The Willbreaker is a morning star in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This morning star was the favored instrument of the pitiless ogre executioner of the Crookspur slaver port. The executioner reveled in his job and routinely tormented captives with threats of death and mock executions. Nothing thrilled him so much as the inevitable, periodic slave uprisings. After putting down such a revolt, the slavers turned to him to execute the ringleaders to discourage future resistance from the chattel. The executioner was not known for killing his victims quickly or cleanly, and preferred to break bones before administering the killing blow.


  • Crookspur: Can be looted from a weapon rack in the Torture Chamber in the dungeon.


Battered Mind / Make Them Flinch and The Mind Makes Real / Unavoidable Demise are mutually exclusive
Mod Effect Cost Ingredients Mod removed
Battered Mind If target has Resolve Afflictions, 25% chance to Interrupt target on scoring Hit Copper pands (cp)6,000 2 2 2 2
Unavoidable Demise 10% of Hits converted to Crits Copper pands (cp)6,000 2 2 2 2
Make Them Flinch 25% of Misses converted to Grazes Copper pands (cp)6,000 2 2 2 2
The Mind Makes Real If target has Resolve Afflictions, deal 8 Raw Damage per 3.0 sec for 12.0 sec on Crit Copper pands (cp)6,000 2 2 2 2