• Not sure if this is better directed at you or JAlbor, so I'm going to ask you both.

    I've noticed that there haven't been many pages created yet, so I was trying to prototype something before the wiki gets too big. The basic idea is to use Transclusion to enable us to only have only one source to update content that may be used across the wiki. This would help ensure consistency across the wiki without having to update several pages. So, for example, if a weapon has it's damage changed in a patch or expansion, all you'd need have to do is goto the weapon's page and update the damage there. This would update that value anywhere that it was used, such as a table that contained the weapon. You can see this in use on the Dragon Age Wiki

    This would also enable us to have links to things with tooltips similar to in-game and other things. I've prototyped some things in my Sandbox. So far, the best things I can think of using this with are Equipment, Talents, Spells, and Abilities. What are your thoughts and do you have any suggestions?

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    • Hey Linkmastr,

      Thanks for reaching out about this. While you're correct to assume that setting something like this up sooner rather than later is a good idea, it also indirectly restricts participation from users who may not be as technically inclined, as transclusion is an advanced feature that can be difficult for new, and even experienced, Wikia users to figure out. Given that the Pillars Wiki is still in its early stages it's a bit of a catch 22; you want to have the system in place for future content, but you also don't want new users to be scared away by something they might not understand how to edit.

      ComDev is here to help users with their Wikis, but something like transclusion generally requires one of our more technically inclined people, who you can contact here. They obviously get a lot of requests so there might be a little wait.

      In the end, it's totally up to you and the other editors as to whether or not you think transclusion is the way to go, but just try and bear in mind what was mentioned above. Please feel free to hit me up if you have any more questions/concerns.

      Cheers, and thanks again for reaching out!

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    • Hmm... I thought I was talking to a site Admin, but now I realized that your a Wikia staff member, as is JAlbor. Are there no Admins for this wiki at the moment?

      If I wanted to go ahead and at least get something started, do you think a standard infobox template would be too complicated?

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    • Yeah, looks like the wiki is admin-free at the moment. Feel free to submit an adoption request here, and you'll be given Admin rights. An infobox template should be fine, virtually every wiki has some customized version of those, so feel free.

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    • A FANDOM user
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