Tides and Moons: A Natural Historian's Account

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Tides and Moons: A Natural Historian's Account [WM2]
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Tides and Moons: A Natural Historian's Account is a book in The White March - Part II.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"We have all heard the legends of Ondra and Senn Beläfa, and the explanation that the goddess' love for the moon causes the tides. And, as men and women of science, we know this to be but a shadow of truth.

Yet there is another myth that we have been quicker to dismiss, and I wonder if it does not merit further examination.

Ondrites tell of a smaller moon, Ionni Brathr, that the goddess supposedly pulled from the sky in an earlier age. And while such a thing seems impossible, for Ionni Brathr still roams the skies above, it is true that explorers in the far reaches have found mineral fragments that do not naturally occur on any known continent in Eora.

Furthermore, naturalists in Aedyr, Rauatai, and the Dyrwood have observed the remains of ancient ocean life many miles inland. Such a thing would only be possible if Eora's oceans had once been larger, or - as I here propose! - if a catastrophic flood had once washed over the continents. While few phenomena could cause a flood of this magnitude, a large body falling into the seas just might do the trick.

In these pages, I will explain how some force of nature - if not an amorous goddess - could have pulled a small moon into Eora millennia ago..."

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