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The following is a timeline of Eora, using the Anni Iroccio (AI) calendar. Relative to our world, Eoran civilizations are rather young: 1,200 years before 2800 AI civilization was still extremely modest, not advanced.[1]

Unless noted in references, dates from the first two millenia are estimates, created by cross-referencing information and art from the games and DLCs.

Prehistory[ | ]

  • Aumaua begin dispersing from their original lands, continuously exploring and settling new lands.[2]
  • A mass migration results in the aumaua differentiating into coastal and island aumaua.[2]
  • Glamfellen or pale elves establish contact with neighboring aumaua communities. Although the migrate within the polar region, they rarely venture outside their preferred climate.[2]
  • Thyrtan humans or meadow folk migrate south towards the equator from the far North, with the first major populations emerging there ~800 AI.[2]
  • Natlan humans or savannah folk migrate north, though most of the ethnic group remains in its original land just south of the equator and north of modern-day Readceras.[2]

0 - 1999 AI[ | ]

ca. 150
ca. 200-300
  • Od Nua establishes his fortress at the future site of Caed Nua. His tyrannical reign is marked by many atrocities and great advances in animancy. After he is deposed, the Engwithans[4][5]
ca. 300
  • A tribe is formed by the human hunter society, known as "People of the Deer" (Aedyr).
ca. 600
  • Thaos emerges as the leader of a master plan to use Engwithan mastery of animancy for apotheosis. While the heart of their civilization labors to create the machine to unify souls, Thaos travels to the Deadfire, where he visits Ukaizo. Under the patronage of King Wingauro o Watūri I, Engwithan scientists construct great titanic bodies for the gods to inhabit and a machine to control The Wheel.[6][7]
  • The Engwithans sacrifice the bulk of their civilization to create the modern pantheon. Thaos ix Arkannon and other survivors begin the long task of proselytizing the religion and stabilizing the world. Ukaizo is abandoned after the apotheosis wipes out half the city's population in an instant.[8]
ca. 600-800
  • Engwithan missionaries spread the one true faith across Eora, as Sun in Shadow is buried and fades from memory.
  • Ondra attempts to prevent the discovery of Engwith's apotheosis by triggering a near-extinction event: Pulling the Ionni Brathr out of its orbit and sending it plunging against the former heart of their civilization. Abydon interferes, using his titanic body to stop the moon with his face. The titan is killed on the spot. Ondra manipulates Abydon's memories and subverts his army of the Eyeless to protect the secret of the gods. Abydon remakes himself in the forge beneath modern-day Durgan's Battery.
  • Iovara learns of the secret from a group of unwitting missionaries and leads an atheist movement. As danger to Engwith's plans, Thaos responds with a brutal inquisition meant to pacify non-believers. The former heart of Engwith becomes a place of horror as countless are tortured and killed as heretics, including Iovara herself after her capture.
  • Tribes of elves and orlans are guided by Engwithan missionaries to the heart of their civilization. The great migration starts.[9]
ca. 1800
  • The orlans diverge into hearth and wild orlan ethnicities.[2]

2000-2099 AI[ | ]

  • The Ine Sycthrua (Pearl Sepulchers in Aedyran) are discovered by the Aedyr people. These unique adra formations allow for the souls of the dead to remain in the world, bound to the pillars. With the formation of the Aedyr Empire, they become the preferred resting place for the imperial couple, eventually creating a powerful, if cryptic advisory body composed of past ferconyngs and mecwyns.[2]

2100-2199 AI[ | ]

2200-2299 AI[ | ]

  • A group of Animancers in the Aedyr Kingdom transfers a soul of a crippled noble into a freshly deceased body. The resulting slaughter of the animancers draws the condemnation of both Imperial authorities and the Church of Woedica, leading to a permanent ban on its practice.[11]

2300-2399 AI[ | ]


2400-2499 AI[ | ]

2500-2599 AI[ | ]

  • A particularly harsh winter grips Naasitaq, with the dwarven clan of Langhmyr threatened by a particularly ferocious snow leopard. The beast is eventually slain by one of the hunters, with the clan narrowly avoiding death.[12]

2600 - 2699 AI[ | ]

  • Aedyran explorers discover the coast of a new continent in the east, in what will later be known as the Eastern Reach, and encounter Eir Glanfath and its dwellers, the Glanfathans.[13][14][15]
  • Over the next twenty years, Aedyre exploration continues into the Eastern Reach, laying the foundation for its expansion into Dyrwood.[13]
  • Clanna and Dyrla, Aedyran colonial ships, set sail for the Dyrwood, making landfall after experiencing a freak fog occurrence close to the shore. The Dyrla returns to the empire as the first permanent settlement is founded and inevitably runs afoul of Glanfathans. Despite the setbacks, thousands of Aedyrans settlers would travel to the region over the next three years , leading to the establishment of official Aedyre governmental structure in the Eastern Reach colonies.[13][16]
  • The Grand Empire of Vailia expands north over the ocean, establishing the city states that would later become the Vailian Republics.
  • The Broken Stone War occurs, resulting in widespread loss of life among colonists as Glanfathans attack frontier settlements in retaliation for the accidental destruction a sacred menhir. It is the first major conflict between Aedyre settlers and Eir Glanfath natives.[20][21]
  • The war leads to the transformation of the colony of Dyrwood into a duchy under the freshly appointed Gréf Edrang Hadret. He is tasked with establishing a city to cement Aedyr's presence in the region and repel Glanfathan guerrillas, led by an orlan named Regd.[16][21]
  • Unconventional tactics employed by Hadret coupled with the building of New Dunryd and a ban on plundering Engwithan ruins culminate in a peace treaty between Dyrwoodan people and Glanfathans, ending the Broken Stone War. The peace treaty severely limits artifact trade, upsetting relations between the grefram and the Empire.[21]
  • Grand Vailia enters a steep economic decline, leading to the secession and the formation of the Vailian Republics. The empire disintegrates into Old Vailia over the course of the next 100 years.[22]
  • Domestic problems resulting from the widespread disenfranchisement of Eothas worshippers prompt the Aedyr Empire to establish a new colony to the north of the Dyrwood. Readceras is founded as pilgrims and Eothas expatriates settle the region and establish an economy based on the cultivation of dye-producing vorlas plants. The Emperor hoped that Eothasians would fare better than the failed colonies of Vailia that attempted the same.[16] This is not the case: The vorlas crop fails, leading to economic collapse further worsened by the Empire's refusal to send resupply ships.[23]
  • The War of Black Trees occurs, as a direct result of Imperial excavation of Engwithan ruins in contravention of Edrang's edict and the continued exploitation of Broken Stone War captives by Dyrwoodan colonists as slave labor. The combination of a slave uprising and raids by Galven Regd give the Glanfathans an early advantage, but they are eventually defeated by Admeth Hadret when Glanfathan forces are lured into a trap at a tributary of the Isce Úar River. Trapped between Dyrwoodan soldiers and burning forests, the Glanfathan warlord is captured. The War peters out several months later as the scorched earth tactics allow Dyrwoodans to achieve victory.[24][25]
  • Backed by Vailian ducs and the common folk of Dyrwood, Admeth presents an ultimatum to the fercönyng of the Aedyr Empire. Unwilling to risk a revolt, the emperor grants Admeth's request. Dyrwood becomes an Imperial palatinate, with far greater autonomy than a gréfram. Hadret moves quickly to consolidate his power base.[25][26]
  • The Ten Years Treaty is signed between the Palatinate of Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath, a culmination of Admeth's dedication to rooting out Glanfathan slavery in the Dyrwood. The treaty included a total ban on slavery and broadened ban on the plunder of Engwithan ruins. To mark this historic monument and the tenth anniversary of the War of Black Trees, Admeth releases Galven Regd from prison. The short-lived Coopers Rebellion (reliant on slave labor for their trade) is brutally suppressed in a display of power.[25][27]
  • With the profitable trade in ancient artifacts effectively hamstrung by the Treaty, the Aedyran emperor formed a secret alliance with Admeth's enemies. Exploration parties are sent into Engwithan ruins again, eventually attracting Glanfathan attention. Once the violations are brought to Admeth's attention, he forms an alliance of his own with the Glanfathans (including Galven Medhra, Regd's successor). When imperial involvement is revealed, Admeth collaborates with his trustworthy erls to prepare for a declaration of independence.[28][29]
  • The War of Defiance begins as the Palatinate of Dyrwood declares independence from the Aedyr Empire, as Free Palatinate of Dyrwood led by Duc Admeth Hadret. Rebel forces consolidate their hold on the former colony as Imperial forces land in Dyrwood to reestablish Aedyre control. Five years of war on land and sea witness the unification of Glanfathans and Dyrwoodans under a single banner, an alliance further strengthened in the wake of a coastal battle that claims the life of duc Admeth.[28][29]
  • The war culminates in the Battle of Ondra's Gift, a pitched battle for New Dunryd. As Imperial forces landed in the district with heavy fire support, rebel units fought a delaying action waiting for the Lovers' Tide (a rare meteorological phenomenon). The Tide's appearance destroyed much of the armada and flooded districts occupied by Aedyran soldiers, signaling a victory for the rebels. Shortly after the failure of the operation, the Aedyran emperor was forced to sign a peace treaty recognizing Dyrwood's independence. The War of Defiance ends and the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood becomes independent.[28][29]
  • Animancy is resurrected in the Dyrwood after independence.[31]
  • The number of animancers working in the Dyrwood and the Republics exceeds 40.[31]

2700-2799 AI[ | ]

  • An animancer working in Baelreach, Dyrwood, accidentally shatters the souls of about a dozen volunteers who had been helping him. The resulting riot kills the animancer, while the inaction of the erl prompts most animancers to settle in Defiance Bay, many of them choosing Brackenbury as their new home.[31]
  • The First Almanac of the Eastern Reach, 2717 AI is published by traveller Hylsman Horag.[32]
  • The first trepanning experiment takes place at the Sanitarium, revealing the specific properties of copper when in contact with brain and soul matter.[2]
  • A group of animancers enters the forbidden ruins of Eir Glanfath to further their research. They discover some such sites had strange artifacts that seemed to bear affinity to soul essence, and begin to experiment with the devices for further insight. Even with continued research, they are unable to tell quite what they have discovered. Eventually they are found out by the Glanfathans and following a trial the Dyrwoodan ducs orders them executed as per tradition. To prevent similar occurrences, the duc forbids study and practice of animancy on the vicinity of sacred Glanfathan sites on pain of death.[31]
  • Dwarven explorers open trade with the Huana, establishing a foothold in Balefire Beacon - which they would abandon later that year, after an onslaught of sea monsters, wilder and undead drives them back.[39]
  • The Vailian Republics succeeds in trade negotiations with the Huana, opening their first permanent settlement in the Deadfire: Port Maje, on a small island on the southern edge of the archipelago.[40]
  • Rauatai expands into Huana lands, alienating the Wahaki tribe. The tribe's naval force is decimated during the battle of Nakaro Atoll. Watershapers retaliate for the defeat by sinking Tenets of Iron, the Rauataian flagship.[41]
  • Grand Vailia ceases to exist, becoming Old Vailia.[34] The noble families of Vailia that sought refuge in Deadfire become the Príncipi sen Patrena.[42]
  • The Dyrwood moves to solidify their relations with Eir Glanfath, establishing a joint training effort between a select group of animancers and Glanfathan mind hunters. The unprecedented collaboration between the two allied nations is a breakthrough and marks 120 years without a major conflict between the two.
  • The joint research effort ends, but the close ties between the nations remain.[31]
  • Lady Eydis Webb petitions the duc for the formation of a cipher intelligence agency in the Dyrwood.[2]

2800 AI - present day[ | ]

  • The Watershapers Guild is reinvigorated by Periki, providing the Huana with an asset to balance out Rauatai's naval power and the Republic's naval power.[44]
  • The Abbey of the Cloven Wheel is robbed, losing several holy relics.[45]
  • A revolution occurs in the Aedyr Empire duchy Readceras, led by Saint Waidwen, rumored to be an incarnation of Eothas. The duchy declares independence from the Empire, creating a theocratic state with Waidwen as its Divine King. Religious persecution gradually begins, driving waves of refugees towards the Dyrwood.[1][46]
  • Saint's War: Waidwen declares war on the Dyrwood for harboring apostates and heretics. The Free Palatinate mobilizes and carries out a pre-emptive invasion of Readceras and suffer devastating losses, with only a few victories to show for their effort. Readceran forces bypass the main thrust of the Dyrwoodan forces by marching through White March and Cold Morn.[46]
  • The Saint's War ends when St. Waidwen is lured into a trap on the Evon Dewr bridge at Halgot Citadel and the Godhammer is detonated under his feet. The Readceran army, Waidwen, and seemingly Eothas are vaporized.[46]
  • The first Hollowborn is reported in the Dyrwood, less than a year after the devastation of The Saint's War. The plague of hollow births is named Waidwen's Legacy. Animancers attempt to alleviate the suffering of the parents by transplanting animal souls into empty children, giving them a measure of independence. The Salvation is hailed as a major stride for animancy and Dyrwood.[46]
  • The first "saved" child becomes a wicht upon entering puberty. Salvation is abandoned as a cure while hordes of feral children begin infesting the Dyrwood.[46]


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