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Tip of the Spear is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The aggressive Wahaki tribe has been making business difficult for Master Kua of Crookspur Island. Kua asks the Watcher to assassinate the Wahaki leaders on Ori o Koīki.


This quest is received as an extension of the quest A Shrewd Proposition, and Of Like Minds.

  • Completing the quest by killing Ruāsare and the tribe leaders will earn the associated rewards for assisting the Crookspur slavers with the above two quests, however this will cause the mission Cruel Cargo to fail, and will displease the Queen in Fruitful Alliance.
  • Likewise, killing Master Kua and/or freeing the slaves on Crookspur for Cruel Cargo / Clearing Out Crookspur will fail this quest.


  • When asked about it, Master Kua recommends that you approach the Wahaki tribe under the guise of friendship, but you can choose to accomplish the quest in one of two ways; subtle and direct.
  • See Ori o Koīki for different methods of entering the village, either peacefully or not.
  • The subtle way involves reaching Ori o Koīki and sneaking in either by way of the side cliffs or by convincing the Wahaki you mean them no harm, then eliminating their leadership. Note that the items can be placed without the need of discretion, as there is no consequence for them "seeing" you place them.
    • Ruāsare, the ranga, can be eliminated by poisoning the koiki in her bedchambers. You can find a Infested Koīki at the base of the cliff to the west; it contains the wood-strangler wasp larvae and will choke the ranga. Once she's dead you can loot the unique spear Kahua Hozi from her body. Note that the ranga will only leave for her bedchambers in the evening.
    • Burapo can be killed by planting a bomb in the brazier in the shrine.
    • Tangara can be killed by tampering with his construct (you can convince him to let you do it with Metaphysics 5, Bluff 6, or Athletics 4, which will give you the command words). Then interact with it and use Metaphysics 6 to wipe its memory, giving you the ability to order it to kill Tangara.
  • Note that once you leave the sanctum, the tribe will become hostile. So should you choose to befriend the tribe instead of sneaking in, it might be a good idea to open the cliff side route (leading to Ruāsare's chambers) before killing the leaders, since it cannot be opened from the inside. This way you can then use the cliff side as an escape route, although combat with the entirety of the tribe does give good experience!
  • The direct way involves assaulting the tribe head-on. Gain access to the tribe either by the side cliffs, or by persuading Kipeha to let you in, and then eliminate the leaders.
  • Once the three leaders are dead, return to Crookspur and talk to Master Kua, completing the quest. Unfortunately he won't give you anything in reward, other than a "discount on his wares", and some experience.


  • Be warned that there is a bug that sometimes occurs which will prevent you from re-entering the sanctum if you have entered once before. Re-entering will occasionally kick you to the main menu.


ID Objectives
0 Tip of the Spear
10000 The aggressive Wahaki tribe has been making business difficult for Master Kua of Crookspur Island. Kua asked me to assassinate the Wahaki leaders on Ori o Koīki.
Alternate descriptions
40001 Director Castol wishes to earn the allegiance of Master Kua, the authority on Crookspur Island. He asked that I check in with Kua and help sort out his problems with a local tribe.
5 Kill the Wahaki's tribal leaders.
10005 Kua wants the Wahaki tribe's chieftain, mystic, and spellcaster at Ori o Koīki killed.
20000 Ruāsare, the ranga, is dead.
20001 Burapo, the mystic, is dead.
20002 Tangara, the spellcaster, is dead.
20003 Master Kua suggested that I infiltrate the Wahaki tribe under the guise of friendship and find ways to quietly eliminate the Wahaki leaders.
20004 Tangara was killed by a Rusted Construct.
20008 Tangara, the Wahaki spellcaster, is struggling to restore his rusted construct to a functioning order.
20005 Burapo died when his brazier exploded.
20007 The Wahaki mystic, Burapo, makes burnt offerings to the gods. I may be able to use that to my advantage.
20006 The deaths of Tangara and Burapo are likely to have aroused Ruasare's suspicions. It might be wise to avoid her.
20009 Ruāsare's mate, Apāro, indicated that the chieftain is extremely fond of eating koīki.
20010 The blighted koīki I discovered in the jungle is infested with the larvae of the wood-strangler wasp and is not safe to eat.
20011 Ruāsare, the ranga, is dead after consuming blighted koīki.
7 Return to Master Kua.
10007 Now that I've dealt with the Wahaki leaders, Master Kua at Crookspur Island would be pleased to hear that the tribe is no longer a problem.
End states
No 30000 You killed someone critical to this quest.
No 30001 I freed the slaves being held on the island.
No 30002 I freed the slaves being held on the island. They joined forces with Captain Aeldys' agent at Crookspur.
Yes 30003 I helped the slavers of Crookspur by crippling the troublesome Wahaki tribe.
Yes 30004 I helped the slavers and convinced them to support Director Castol and the VTC.
Yes 30005 I helped the slavers and convinced them to aid me in my quest to breach Ondra's Mortar.
No 30006 Releasing the slaves of Crookspur has turned the slavers against you.