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Trumbel is a miller who resides in Gilded Vale.


An elven man stands before you, his relatively stocky build suggesting a life of labor. His face is pale and drawn, and his eyes wide. Behind him, a younger man and woman exchange worried glances. Trumbel has been responsible for turning the wheat brought to him by the farmers into grain, aided by the his son and daughter, Cearu and Ufdaen. Problem is, the grain's mostly blighted and he has to work with what little good grain he has left after separating the wheat from the chaff.

Some people around town, like Sweynur, do not take kindly to that and have taken to threatening Trumbel and accusing him of squirreling good grain away. The twist is, they are right: Trumbel does so, to ensure that the people he thinks deserve the wheat have access to it.


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Against the Grain