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Undercroft is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


This is the lowest level of the inhabited parts of Neketaka, where the Príncipi and the Watershapers bring in cargo and other goods into the Gullet. This vast cavern contains more than just docks: It has an entire smugglers port!

Points of interest[]

The first time you enter the area, you witness a cut-scene of the water shaper's changing the current to smuggle in goods. This progresses the Huana faction quest Trade Secrets. Your party members will give a few comments:

  • Edér: "I wanna clap but I'd give us away."
  • Pallegina: "Watershaping is impressive, but I had not thought of it being used for such... mundane purposes."
  • Maia: "Any captain worth his salt could have done that without the fancy powers."
  • Serafen: "A sight and a half that be, cap. Damn near wets the eyes." He grins, his furry blue chest puffed out.
  • Xoti: "It's clever, I'll give them that."
  • Tekēhu: Directly talks to you concerning the quest Trade Secrets.
Entry points
  • There are two ways into the Undercroft:
    • Via the rickety elevator in Delver's Row.
    • Via the Old City Ruins. There's a secret latch on the Old City Ruins side that opens the door.
  • After rowing the skiff out of the Undercroft (see below), you are able to freely travel back and forth via the docks at Queen's Berth
Normal entry
  • You'll immediately got accosted by a pirate, questioning your business in the Undercroft.
  • Explain yourself and head on. You can take a shortcut by using the ropes in the center to get across to the other side (Athletics 4 gets everyone across safely).
  • The smuggler fort is in the northeast corner, with a skiff to the side that allows you to safely exit to Queen's Berth without having to backtrack. The upper floor has Captain Mad Morena, the head smuggler, and a locked chest in her chamber that contains Príncipi colors necessary for entering Fort Deadlight without triggering the alarm.
  • Gwenfin waits for you by the entrance to the Old City Ruins in the northwest. She'll head in once you approach.
  • In the southwest is a locked cage full of wild Boar. Unlocking the cage will cause the boars to attack.
Unauthorized entry
  • If you enter via the Old City Ruins without the quest The Cornett's Call or Goods and Services, the pirates will attack you. There are two ways to escape without inciting the hostility of the pirates and by virtue receive a significant strike to your reputation with the Príncipi.
  1. Negotiate with Mad Morena.
  2. Sneak through to the skiff on the east side of the fort without alarming any guards. You only need a single character of your team to reach it to be able to leave safely.



  • A hidden Ruby, in a Wooden Post, on the end of the Main Docks.
  • Ring of Minor Protection, in a hidden rubble pile in the boar cage, along with some ingredients.


When first entering the area via the lift:

Rowing the skiff to Queen's Berth: