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FYI, I am not a native English speaker and usually I more focused on adding info, so please feel free to go grammar nazi on my edits and rewrite them to higher standard.

My stuff, please ignore[]


Basic policy and guideliness "advanced" other
  • Eternity Wiki:Content policy
  • Eternity Wiki:Manual of Style
  • Eternity Wiki:Administration policy
  • Eternity Wiki:Templates - overview
  • Category:Attention required

It still lacking in many ways, but it is something to build on and hopefully it can provide a general overview for new people.

Wiki Theme\Colors[]

The current theme is the result of "You're it, until you're dead or I find someone better". It is based on general Wiki\Mainpage scheme that was before I started. It still have some rough spots, if anyone notice anything specific please let us know. If by chance someone better reads it, here are some notes\links that might help you:

  • MediaWiki:Hydra.css - for wiki theme elements, structured according to MediaWiki CSS elements for easy reference.
  • MediaWiki:Common.css - for non theme elements such as infobox\navbox etc.
  • Eternity Wiki:Colors - previous color pallet.

  • Standing issues include the main page, being tested for higher res (my work laptop for this crap has 1280 res so I have no way to check how it works well for higher res) and the possibly overall theme design change to fixed with design like Obsidian official site, the vault etc. See: User_talk:VaultAusir#Theme.

Other things that might catch your eye for reference: