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Sagani, a boreal dwarf ranger.

The Race of a creature is a classification according to similar traits. A diverse medley of races populate Eora. Their separating characteristics are more apparent on a cultural level, with racial boundaries presenting neither roadblocks nor advantages in any given dealing between civilized men and women.

Within the Kith, or the civilized races, there is a variety of ethnic subtypes and nationalities. The world's races did not all spring forth from the same place, and millennia of independent development have resulted in distinctive and unconnected groups, typically exhibits slight differences in appearance, outlook, and adaptation compared to other members of the race. For example, the dwarf ranger pictured to the right, is originally from a southern boreal region that is quite different from the temperate homes of her distant kin to the north.[1]

Additionally, Eora contains some isolated races and ethnicities, but transoceanic exploration and cultural cohabitation have heavily mixed many racial and ethnic groups over time. This mixing is not always... peaceful. At times it has degenerated into genocide and long-standing prejudices are ingrained in many cultures.[1]

Races differ from each other physiological[1], sexual pairings by different races (e.g. elves and humans, orlans and elves) never result in conception.[2] But inter race unions such as Aedyr Haemneg are possible.

Playable races[edit | edit source]

In Pillars of Eternity, there are six playable races, or Kith, as the civilized races are referred to. As a new player, you will be able to start off as any of these races and their subdivisions.

Image Race Description
Human-icon.png Human Humans (commonly called "folk") are the most common race in the Dyrwood, the Aedyr Empire, Old Vailia, and the Vailian Republics. Though not as large as the towering aumaua, humans are known for their strength and willpower.
Aumaua-icon.png Aumaua The mighty Aumaua are the largest of the kith races and are commonly found in or near oceans. Though not truly aquatic, they have an affinity for water and many of their civilizations, such as Rauatai, are based on naval dominance. They are known for their unparalleled strength.
Dwarf-icon.png Dwarf By virtue of land covered and number of colonies settled, dwarves are the most well-traveled race in the world. They are commonly found in the Dyrwood, the Vailian Republics, and almost any colonized land. Dwarves are known for their great strength and tenacity.
Elf-icon.png Elf Elves are the dominant race in Eir Glanfath and The White that Wends and are extremely common in the Dyrwood and Aedyr. Elves are known for their speed and intelligence as well as a commonly isolationist nature.
Orlan-icon.png Orlan Orlans are the smallest of the kith races, though many cultures don't consider them to be civilized at all. Also notable for their large ears, two-toned skin, and hirsute bodies, Orlans are commonly found in Eir Glanfath, the Ixamitl Plains, and parts of the Dyrwood. They are known for their mental intensity and quickness.
Godlike-icon.png Godlike The godlike are children of the kith ("civilized" races) who have been blessed with physical aspects associated with the gods (though some do not consider it a blessing). These aspects may take many forms and often come with mystical powers. Aberrant head shapes are typical, and godlike are unable to wear protective headgear as it is near-impossible to find anything that fits. Because of their unusual nature and their inability to reproduce, godlike are often viewed with fear and wonder.

Racial Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Different races have different starting statistics.

  • Race determines the character's attribute modifier, providing either small bonuses or penalty to some of its attributes.
  • Subrace determines your character racial ability.
Race Attribute modifier Bonus Ability
Subrace Ability
Human Might + 1, Resolve + 1 all Fighting Spirit
Godlike Dexterity + 1, Intellect + 1 Death Death's Usher
Nature Wellspring of Life
Fire Battle-Forged
Moon Silver Tide
Orlan Perception + 2, Resolve + 1, Might -1 Wild Defiant Resolve
Hearth Minor Threat
Aumaua Might + 2 Coastal Towering Physique
Island Armed to the Teeth
Dwarf Might + 2, Constitution + 1, Dexterity - 1 Boreal Hunter's Instincts
Mountain Hale and Hardy
Elf Dexterity + 1, Perception + 1 Pale Elemental Endurance
Wood Distant Advantage

References[edit source]