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TO DO List[]

  • Prepare the Wiki for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
    • Need more categories, templates, infoboxes →→→ In progress: Lots to do here.
  • Migrate Wiki from SMW to Cargo Data should be easier to manage →→→ DONE! (SMW is gone!)
    • See SMW to Cargo migration guide
    • There is not exactly a one-to-one mapping between SMW and Cargo types, although it's close. The big differences are the addition of Datetime, Wikitext and File types within Cargo, and the split of SMW's Number type into separate Integer and Float types in Cargo.
    • Names must have underscores instead of spaces because Cargo does not allow spaces in field names. → This requires changing lots of field names (e.g. dr base)
    • Starting point could be to adapt Template:Infobox bestiary to use Cargo →→→ DONE!
      • Add Variants of under each creature, so Earth Blight has Greater Earth Blight etc? →→→ DONE!
    • Migrating the whole wiki will take time, and shouldn't be top priority. We can run both concurrently in the meantime.
  • Cargo has been installed!: Please read
    • Could be that Cargo tables aren't quite versatile enough, and we need a 2-step process.
  1. Query the database with Cargo
  2. Put the data into a table template, where we can put more fields into one cell (attributes?) and customise it more.
  • Re-design the look of the Wiki →→→ DONE!
    • Implemented a dark theme using Hydradark CSS →→→ DONE!
    • Updated Mobile skin →→→ DONE! (but it could use some minor changes)
  • Infoboxes
    • Ability → Template made → Pages edited →→→ Finally! DONE!
    • Adventure → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Affliction/Statuseffect ???
    • Armor → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Armor type ??
    • Bestiary → Template made → Pages made →→→ DONE!
    • Class → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Conflict → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Crafting → Template made → Pages created →→→ DONE!
    • Deity (God) → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Enchantment → Template made → Pages edited and created →→→ In progress
    • Faction → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Item → Template made → Pages edited →→→ In progress
    • Location → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Nation → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • News ??
    • NPC
    • Person
    • Product → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Quest → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Shield → Template made →→→ Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Shield type ??
    • Shop inventory???
    • Soulbound upgrade → Template made → Content edited →→→ DONE!
    • Subrace → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Talent → Template made → Pages edited →→→ Finally! DONE!
    • Upgrade → Template made → Pages made →→→ DONE!
    • Weapon → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • Weapon type → Template made → Pages edited →→→ DONE!
    • (General) May need to make internalname field List (;) of, e.g. for locations with several floors
  • Re-design the frontpage →→→ In progress (See: Official Pillars of Eternity Wiki/editcopy)
    • Possibly use Tabber since there will be two games. See Witcher Wiki for inspiration.
    • Include small section for users to help edit the wiki
    • Centre the introduction with logo
    • Include more links in the sidebar, particularly to key pages under both games (races, classes, companions etc) (Probably unneeded, causing more confusion than benefits)
  • Missing Bestiary pages →→→ DONE!
  • Images: Move to correct categories and delete categories as needed →→→ In progress
  • Fix dynamic tables (add/remove columns, fix SEPARATOR): Gems is one example
  • Status effects (maimed etc): Create category, template and pages
  • Fix Deity images so they look better on the new and dark site →→→ DONE!
  • Fix navbars: Change links (e.g. Bear->Bears), order items alphabetically, make them consistent →→→ DONE!
  • Special:UncategorizedPages
  • Souls, Magic
  • Category:Cleanup
  • Category:Outdated articles
  • Category:Stubs
  • Category:Templates
  • Category:Image wanted
  • (Partially) re-do category tree? →→→ In progress: Have made some categories for POE2 and loads for POE1
  • NPCs ?
  • Updated news? →→→ In progress
  • More visible links to templates, editing, help
  • Categorise all images, clean up images, add more images →→→ In progress, but this is a massive task!
  • All spells pages and such should have screenshots of the effect; see for instance the brevity of Blizzard.
  • Achievements need individual pages (?) and a collection page (48 pictures have been uploaded) →→→ DONE!
  • Spells
  • Powers
  • Quests
  • Items
  • Potion, Scroll, Food

Various notes and plans[]

  • Soulbind upgrade template: Instead of hardcoded level1 etc fields, use general ones so the template is more scalable, and items can have several rows for the same level (for different classes/reqs).
  • Probably need a locations field for weapons/items/etc, for where unique/soulbound items can be found. Can hopefully deal with potential duplicates overall with cargo queries.
  • Fix sorting of tables with values, by specifically setting the value in the template via variables: Specifying a sort key

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