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(A reply to Yogaman28734's comment, since this seemed like way too much for a comment thread)

Thanks for the reply! Apologies for the assumptions earlier. I really shouldn't assume that everyone is editing on desktop when it's clear that this isn't the case.

There's no doubt that the mobile wiki experience isn't great, particularly when it comes to editing. I recently made an effort to improve the mobile styles to bring them more in line with desktop, since there were some serious issues with how certain content was displayed previously. This didn't change much of the editor though, I need to put aside some time to take a closer look at that. Beyond styling, unfortunately there's not much else I can do, though I'm sure Fandom/Gamepedia will address some of functional issues in the future.

For now, the best I can suggest is to switch from visual editing to source editing, assuming you aren't already using it. On mobile this can be done by clicking the blank space in the top right after entering edit mode (it should have an icon, but it doesn't) then selecting "Source editing" from the dropdown. If you're already using the source editor, make sure that you enter editing mode for the entire page and not just a section of it. I couldn't find an easy way to do this (either I'm blind or there's no button for it, a very weird design decision I suppose), so you'll need to ensure you click the edit icon at the very top of the page to edit the first section, or alternatively add a ?action=edit to the viewing page URL, or further yet change #/editor/x to #/editor/all at the end of the editing page URL.

To clarify my original point, an infobox is the long box containing information to the right side of a page on desktop, and at the top of the page on mobile. The "code" representing it is typically found at the very top of the page source, and consists of the template name followed by a series of fields and values "{{Infobox xx|something = value...". As I mentioned, the way we've implemented locations in particular isn't very user-friendly, and there's no way you would've known otherwise - so no hard feelings there. By adding locations to the infobox, the data is entered into a database where it can be queried on by other pages. The "{{#arraymap: {{#var:location}}|;|x|x|\n}}" is used to display this information on the page from the field in the infobox without it being repeated on the page. Most pages have fairly good examples of how to format locations, but there are no real guidelines.

I don't have much experience with how windowing works on a Mac. If it creates the game in a new "Space" you might be able to use Command/Control arrows keys to switch spaces. Otherwise you might also be able to use the alt-tab equivalent (Command-Tab) to switch to another application.

As for the tables on mobile being pushed out of the page bounds, this is something that I addressed in MediaWiki:Mobile.js which automatically encloses them in a scrollable element when viewed on a mobile device. I've tested it on Chrome (mobile) and found it to work most of the time. The way that JavaScript is loaded for mobile wikis is very unreliable in testing, so there's no real guarantee that my code will be loaded every single time. Short of editing every table on the wiki, I couldn't come up with an easier way of making this change on a page or style level, which would be much more reliable than a JavaScript hack. Could I ask you to double check that this is still an issue for you? If so, which browser are you using?

Anyway, sorry if this is a bit of a ramble - I just wanted to address the various points brought up. If you need more info or have any other questions feel free to add them below, or drop a comment on my profile (if you add here, just make sure to tack a ~~~~ on the end of your message :p)

Macklin (talk) 18:02, 22 December 2020 (UTC)

A reply to Macklin in a conversation about editing procedures and mobile display of wiki pages.

Macklin, thanks for the detailed reply. Some of your assumptions were spot-on, notably that I have no previous experience editing wikis other than a few discussions on Wikipedia, and the mechanics of it all I am learning on the fly. (It wasn't obvious to me that the + sign at the top of this page was the way to reply to your talk, but I figured it out.)

As you requested, using Safari on iPhone 11, I looked at a bunch of tables and they all seem to be readable now. If it was your js that fixed it, bravo! I did note that on really wide tables with a lot of icons, like the Deadfire Wizard Abilities table, it takes a while for the full page to load, and I have fairly fast broadband. Specifically, the icons in the spells portion of the table are all visible immediately, but the passive abilities portion of the table appears as white squares, taking 5-10 seconds for the icons to load. When they load, they do so all at once.

I'm happy to do the editing on desktop now, and I do use the "edit source" for the whole page; it seems easier to me than the visual editing. On desktop it seems more straightforward and it's great to "Show preview" and still be able to edit the code on the same page. This isn't possible on mobile, or at least I haven't found it so.

I wanted to thank you for your recent edit to my edit (Necklace of Unlocked Possibilities), but when I clicked on "thank" the only choice was to thank you Publicly, and I wasn't sure it would be appropriate for a minor edit. I'm learning as I go.

Thanks again for your help and the work you are doing here.

I'm going to reply to your last comment because I am not sure you will automatically see this discussion edit.

Yogaman28734 (talk) 15:47, 23 December 2020 (UTC)