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Vailian Trading Company is a local branch office of the Vailian Trading Company, in Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay.


An association of merchants from the Vailian Republic, the Vailian Trading Company was founded in 2708 AI, and currently has approximately 30,000 employees. The office handles the contracted trade of goods and equipment with shops, inns, and armorers throughout the city.

Overseeing trade deals and negotiations on behalf of the merchants, the branch in Defiance Bay is administered by Maestre Verzano.

Points of interest[]

  • The office is divided into the front desk, the conference room and adjacent warehouse facilities with Maestre Verzano.
  • The table in the conference room has a few interesting documents, including:
    • A letter from Vicent Agosti expressing displeasure of Verzano's methods towards the republic.
    • A shipping manifest listing the cargo of the Prìncipa me Ciamena.


  • Verzano, the trading branch manager and rumored to be in trouble with the local crime cartel.
  • Liena, assistant manager and running things in Verzano's order as necessary.

Related quests[]

Side quests[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in the Vailian Trading Company, see here.
Crate (Locked - Difficulty 2):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 5):
Chest (Locked - Difficulty 4):