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Vailian Trading Company Headquarters is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The center of Vailian Trading Company operations in the Deadfire Archipelago, the headquarters demonstrate the wealth of the Republics in an almost ostentatious way, with marble floors, expensive detailing, and the expensive clothes of every official serving the Republics.

Points of interest[]

  • The lower floor is centered around the great entrance hall, with the five stars representing the Republics set into the floor and greeting anyone entering the building. Subtle.
  • Luca's office is at the left hand and he will demonstrate his Vailian status by brushing you off if you aren't on a quest. The sitting room to the east is empty.
  • The sitting room is on the right side of the hall. You can talk to the two ladies by the fireplace - apprentice clerks to Luca and Governor Alvari - in the midst of gossip over the current feud between the Bardatto and Valera families.
  • The inner part of the floor contains the governor's office with the guard bunks to the side. You can get in to meet the VTC governor if you have a recommendation from Governor Clario at Port Maje.
  • The archives can be interacted with in stealth mode, as long as the clerk didn't notice you. However, without any actual reason to inspect them, you won't be able to find anything of use.
  • The room to the side contains the staircase leading up and the washroom, with plenty of names carved into the frame of the painting. It's good to know that VTC's patrons are classy as ever.
  • You can enter and exit the building via the sewer grate outside, leading to the toilet in the washroom.
  • The HQ opens at hour 7 and closes at hour 19. Entry is not permitted outside of working hours.
Upper level
  • Director Ignato Castol office is at the center, further right is a small office where Assistant Olesca Sarasso works.
  • If you go upstairs at night, the guards will escort you outside.


Upper floor

During A Vote of No Confidence



Scripted interaction when entering or exiting the building through the sewer grate