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Valewood is a wilderness area of Pillars of Eternity. It is between Gilded Vale and Cilant Lis.


This small stretch of wilderness was once the location of a frontier outpost. Little remains of it now, slowly falling apart as nature reclaims it. The road to Gilded Vale remains well maintained, as a vital lifeline between the Dyrwoodan frontier and Readceras.

Points of interest[]

  • The map is bisected into two halves by a river running down the center. You start in the north-eastern corner, with a plant and a dead body with supplies on it nearby, inviting you to rest.
  • Past the small gorge lies the main part of Valewood. The north-western corner is occupied by a cave containing a rather dangerous bear, a dead body next to it, and a small camp with three xaurips (best left alone until you have more team mates).
  • The south-west is where the road leading to Gilded Vale starts. Nonton is just over the stone bridge, trying to dismantle his camp in a hurry.
  • The eastern part of the map beyond the gorge contains a small camp with one outlaw lookout, three bandits, and one Tenfrith. Taking all four at one time can be challenging for a single character, but is perfectly doable. Talking to Tenfrith reveals him to be a kidnapped cook from Gilded Vale.
  • The ruined outpost near the world map exit has an interactable wall which can be climbed to find a body with Fulvano's Gloves. There's also a hidden stash in the walls with random loot.
  • After you're done, head out the south-east exit to head on to the grand metropolis of Gilded Vale.


  • Nonton: near the bridge, after you have reached Gilded Vale you will find him in Gilded Vale.
  • Tenfrith: in the bandit camp to the east. Once you've rescued him he will move to the Black Hound inn.

Map markers[]

Related quests[]

Main quest[]



  • Bandit
  • Outlaw


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Valewood, see here.
Corpse (northeast):
Wooden Box:
Wooden Box:
Loose Brick (Hidden, Difficulty 1):
Container (Nonton's tent after starting Vengeance from the Grave):
Crate (near bridge):
Corpse (Xaurip camp):
Tent (Hidden, Difficulty 2):


Behind the scenes[]

  • This area contains developer commentary.
The Valewood is the first wilderness the player is introduced to in the game. Like any Infinity Engine wilderness, these areas are rife with dangers, treasures tucked away in nooks and crannies, as well as your fair share of characters with tasks or quests of their own.

A lot of what we wanted to do with this wilderness was lead the player towards the Gilded Vale using the characters they meet along the way. By giving the player the option to get involved with either the bandit camp or Nonton down near the south end of the map, it gives the player the impetus to explore the Gilded Vale once they arrive, now that they have acquired a few tasks to investigate. We also wanted to again reinforce the non-linearity of the game by putting those encounters off the beaten path more-or-less. That way if the player wanted to beeline straight for the Gilded Vale and happen to miss these NPCs, they could get leads about them in town and come back to the wilderness later.

~ Matthew Perez, Junior Designer