Vengeance from the Grave

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Vengeance from the Grave
PE1 Vengeance from the Grave.png
Occurs in
Act 1
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Experience gained
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Let Nonton and Ingroed leave
  • 50 Copper pands (cp)
Tell them to get out of your sight
  • No reward
Let them leave and select the benevolent option
Report them or attack them
Quest ID

Vengeance from the Grave is a task in Pillars of Eternity.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While exploring the Valewood wilderness, you happened upon a small cave where a great bear lived. In that cave was a half eaten corpse and a spirit that revealed the final moment of the man's life.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Nonton in Valewood.
  2. Read Perly's soul in the cave in Valewood.
  3. Talk to Nonton and Ingroed in Ingroed's House in Gilded Vale.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Optional: After arriving in Valewood for the first time, head south over the road until you reach a tent and a man named Nonton, and speak with him. He will inform you about the bear cave.
  • Once you're of a sufficient level or picked up Eder and Aloth, return to Valewood and head for the cave in the north-west. Kill the bear (and her cubs on hard or Path of the Damned difficulty). Interact with the spirit, Perly, and witness his last moments. Promise to get him justice. This will start the quest.
    • Note: If The Watcher has already slayed the bear but has not yet discovered Perly's fate, Nonton can be notified of the beast's death for additional Gilded Vale: Minor Positive reputation.
  • Go to the Gilded Vale and enter the second house on the right-hand side, Ingroed's House. Approach Nonton and Ingroed and the conversation will start automatically, tell him you know what he did. You can choose to let them leave Gilded Vale, say you'll report them to a Magistrate, or attack them. If you say you'll report them they will attack you, requiring you to kill them. If you let them go, you can later find them in The Charred Barrel in Defiance Bay.
  • Optional: If you want, you can report Perly's murder to Urgeat, the magistrate. Because you don't have any evidence beside your vision, he won't actually do anything, and will tell you to be careful with your accusations. This interaction is available even if you've already completed the task.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 Vengeance from the Grave
10000 While exploring the Valewood wilderness, I happened upon a small cave where a great bear lived. In that cave, I discovered a half eaten corpse and a spirit that, through some work of magic, revealed to me the final moments of a man's life.
1 Confront Nonton.
10001 In the Valewood, I happened upon a curious hunter who told me his friend had been killed by a large bear in the area. After exploring the area, I found the cave, the bear, and Perly's remains. I experienced a vision of Perly's last moments, which revealed a far more sordid truth: His friend, Nonton, hamstrung him as he attempted to escape the bear. What reasons Nonton had for this are unclear. Perhaps I will find more answers by confronting the man himself. Nonton lives in the nearby town of Gilded Vale.
2 Find the man with the red cloak
10002 In the depths of the Valewood cavern, I happened upon a large bear feasting upon the body of a man who, by the look of things, had recently stumbled upon this den himself. When I approached the body, I had a sudden vision of the man's final moments, and knew him for a hunter from Gilded Vale. In the vision, he was led into the cave by a friend of his. When the bear attacked, his fellow hunter hamstrung him and fled, leaving him to be devoured. The culprit's only recognizable feature was his red cloak.
End states
Yes Accepted Bribe
30000 Having heard Ingroed's side of things, I decided to let her and Nonton leave Gilded Vale. Perhaps they can make a new life for themselves somewhere far from here.
Yes Killed the Couple
30002 I killed Ingroed and Nonton for the parts they played in Perly's death.
Yes Killed Nonton, Told Ghost
30003 I slew the hunter Nonton, only to find evidence of his crimes against an old friend within a cavern in the Valewood. I told Perly's spirit that his murderer was slain. Perhaps now his troubled soul will pass into the next life.
Yes Killed Couple, Told Ghost
30004 I slew Ingroed and Nonton, only to later find evidence of Nonton's crimes against an old friend within a cavern in the Valewood. I told Perly's spirit that his murderer was brought to justice. Perhaps now his troubled soul will pass into the next life.
Yes Killed the Couple before confronting them
30005 I killed Nonton, the man from the vision, and Ingroed with him. Whatever the tale behind Perly's death, it dies with them.