Pillars of Eternity Wiki

This page chronicles the released versions of Pillars of Eternity, its expansions, and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Pillars of Eternity[]

New releases are uploaded to Steam directly by the game's developers, and hence appear there first. Then up to one business day later they tend to appear on GOG.com as well, after that on the Mac App Store, and somewhere in between or behind Origin updates their version. (Retail versions of the game activate on Steam.)

The expansion The White March - Part I (PX1) was released together with patch 2.00, and the expansion The White March - Part II (PX2) together with patch 3.00. Those patches added all of the expansion's gameplay/UI improvements to the main game as well, just not the new content. The expansions follow the same version and build numbers as the main game and receive new patches together with the main game.

Version Build PX1 PX2 Date Content
1.02 0508 2015-03-26 Initial release (includes day-1-patch)
1.03 0524 2015-04-03 patch notes
0526 2015-04-04 hotfix (for a problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests)
0530 2015-04-07 hotfix (for an issue where people were unable to open certain doors due to the Fog of War)
1.04 0540 2015-04-16 patch notes
1.05 0567 2015-05-08 patch notes
1.06 0591 2015-06-02 patch notes
0617 2015-06-12 hotfix (for a problem with ambient audio pausing at incorrect times)
0??? 2015-06-23 hotfix (Mac only; for the game not launching. Called 1.0.7 in Mac Appstore.)
2.00 0706 yes 2015-08-25 patch notes – also initial release for The White March - Part I
2.01 0721 yes 2015-09-03 patch notes
2.02 0749 yes 2015-09-28 patch notes
2.03 0788 yes 2015-10-29 patch notes
3.00 0967 yes yes 2016-02-16 patch notes – also initial release for The White March - Part II
3.01 0977 yes yes 2016-02-22 patch notes
3.02 1008 yes yes 2016-03-23 patch notes
3.03 1047 yes yes 2016-07-11 patch notes
3.04 1165 yes yes 2016-11-08 patch notes
3.05 1186 yes yes 2016-11-23 patch notes announcement
3.06 1254 yes yes 2017-06-14 patch notes
3.07 1280 yes yes 2017-11-15 patch notes Note: The Patch and the Deadfire Pack are not the same. On GOG was Versioning).
3.07 1318 yes yes 2017-12-19 patch notes

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

Version BOW SSS TFS Date Notes Links
1.01.0064 2018-05-08 Initial release
1.02.0089 2018-05-17 patch notes site
1.0?.00?? 2018-05-24 Rum Runner's Pack forum 2018-06-07 Beard and Hair Pack forum patch notes 2018-06-21 Scalawags Pack forum patch notes 2018-07-05 Initial mod support forum patch notes 2018-07-12 Minor patch patch notes - 2018-07-19 Minor patch (Adds ability to purchase Scavenger Hunt items) forum patch notes
2.0.0 yes 2018-08-01 Beast of Winter + Deck of Many Things Pack forum patch notes yes 2018-08-15 Minor patch forum patch notes yes - 2018-09-11 Major patch (New challenges, reworked enchantment/ability UI, etc) forum patch notes
3.0.0 yes yes 2018-09-24 Seeker, Slayer, Survivor forum patch notes yes yes 2018-10-04 Minor patch patch notes yes yes 2018-10-11 Minor patch patch notes yes yes 2018-10-25 Major patch (New challenges, blessings, mega boss} forum patch notes yes yes - 2018-11-08 Minor patch patch notes
4.0.0 yes yes yes 2018-12-13 The Forgotten Sanctum forum patch notes yes yes yes 2018-12-17 Hotfix patch notes yes yes yes 2019-01-24 Major patch, turn-based combat mode beta forum patch notes yes yes yes 2019-02-04 Minor patch patch notes yes yes yes 2019-02-19 Minor patch patch notes yes yes yes 2019-05-09 Major patch (New ship combat UI, revised story content, the Ultimate Challenge) forum patch notes