Viettro's Formal Footwear

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Viettro's Formal Footwear [WM2]
Boots viettros formal footwear icon.png
Equipment slot
Item type
1,110 Copper pands (cp)
Item ID

Viettro's Formal Footwear is a boot item in Pillars of Eternity, added in The White March - Part II expansion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

According to Old Vailian folktales, Viettro was a young tailor from a poor village who dreamed of attending the Majivèrno Ball at the imperial palace. However, though he had made many fine clothes for himself, he had no shoes to match, no invitation from the imperial family, and no knowledge of palace manners.

One day, a kindly wizard heard his wish and gifted him with an enchanted pair of shoes. They were formal enough for the ball, and the wizard promised that they would provide all Viettro needed in time.

Viettro took the wizard at his word and arrived at the palace gates the day of the ball, dressed in his best clothes and his new shoes. The guards on duty demanded Viettro's invitation, and suddenly, the young man felt a weight in his pocket. He found a flask of fine spirits, which he gave the guards in exchange for entry.

Continuing to the ball, he found himself in conversation with several vicecomtes and marcesos. Viettro was certain his ignorance would betray him, but he spoke with such knowledge of history and custom that his hosts were impressed.

His confidence in the wizard's shoes grew, and when he saw the most beautiful woman at the ball, he asked her to dance. The shoes guided his feet and his tongue, and such was his charm that he and the young príncessa were wed by the year's end.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]