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Vincent Dwellier is a rare item merchant in Pillars of Eternity.

He can be found in the Club of Refined and Prestigious Gentlemen lounge on the second floor of The Salty Mast in Ondra's Gift.

He sells a large number of unique weapons as well as some clothing, though all the items have middling benefits but are nonetheless priced like typical unique weapons.

The club forms the acronym CRPG, and Dwellier's shop is named the "Codex Collection." This is a reference to the site RPG Codex, a popular forum for discussing role-playing games. The names of the items sold in this shop were submitted by forum members.[1]


A member in good standing, Dweller maintains the Club's stock of weapons and armor.


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This character is a merchant. Sells: Codex Collection: Exceptional weapons and armor.


Sells numerous Unique Weapons, most of which are merely "Exceptional"-enchanted ones with unique names:

  1. Spectacular Spetum (pollaxe)
  2. The Temaperacl (great sword)
  3. Crate's Remorse (morning star)
  4. Crooked Bee Bow (hunting bow)
  5. Sword of Daenysis (rapier)
  6. Sitra Achara (pistol)
  7. Skuphundaku's Evil Black Arquebus (arquebus)
  8. The Maverick (pistol)
  9. Gilt Blade of Lorn (great sword)
  10. Darcozzi Paladini's Longsword of In'claene (sword)
  11. Haba's Hammer (war hammer)
  12. Hanover's Fist of Dodm (mace)
  13. Jarpie's Warhammer (war hammer)
  14. Lyssandra's Blade (sword)
  15. Pike Jaw Rod (rod)
  16. Semper's Faithful Dagger (dagger)
  17. Silver Crow Axe (battle axe)
  18. Sword of Prix (sabre)
  19. The Vile Loner's Lance (spear)
  20. Treave's Conqueror Spear (spear)
  21. Cloak of the Theocrat (cloak)
  22. Don Paco's Codpiece of Vigor (belt)
  23. Azalin's Helmet (coif)
  24. Waage's Hat of Leadership (helmet)
  25. Bradford's Pear of Lusciousness (amulet)
  26. Willowstone of Daenysis (amulet)