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Wael (WAL) is the patron of dreams, secrets, mysteries, and revelations.


Wael has no determinate gender or consistent shape, but appears as "The Obscured", a constantly shifting swirl of eyes of all different sizes and shapes and races. They are heard speaking an endless number of known and unknown languages.[1]


With objectives and thoughts inscrutable even to the other gods, Wael represents both the acts of concealment and obfuscation, as well as the acts of revelation and deception.


Kith pray to Wael to both hide secrets, or unravel them. Followers of Wael are known for many strange and unusual practices, possibly for good reasons, possibly for no reason at all. Wael followers are often founders and caretakers of centers of learning, including libraries.[1]

The Hand Occult is an elite group of Wael priests that attempt to control (and sometimes rewrite) the flow of knowledge itself.[1][2]


Pillars of Eternity[]

  • Wael will ask you to hide the scroll after you find it during The Parable of Wael.
  • Wael will also ask that you scatter the souls Thaos has diverted.

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