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Weald of Fates is a cut wilderness area in Twin Elms, the glanfathan city in Pillars of Eternity. It was to be accessed via an archway on the eastern side of Elms' Reach.


The Weald is a mystical and magical forest containing ancestor stones, a collection of souls of glanfathan leaders, whose wisdom is revered by the tribes. In order to find and speak with the stones, a tribesman would ingest hallucinogenic mushrooms which would guide them on a "vision quest".[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Weald is mentioned in the developer commentary upon entering the Elms' Reach district. It was cut during development in order to focus on polishing existing areas of the game.
...At its bottom right corner, you'll notice perhaps a cool archway made by roots from one of the elms. This led to an area that we had to cut, a mystical forest called the Weald of Fates where you'd be sent to speak with the ancestor stones, a collection of souls of glanfathan leaders, whose wisdom is revered by the tribes. The catch was of course that you could only do so by ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms that would lead you "vision quest" towards its stones. The realities of game development sometimes result in awesome things like this having to get cut so that you can focus polish into something else, some other areas of the game.
~ Jorge Solgado, Designer

  • Iswld in the Golden Grove area of Elms Reach has dialogue entries that involve the preparation of snowcap used to access the area, as well as for when you return from the area.
    • "I do, although it is for the safety of overconfident aspirants as much as for the peace of the ancestors. The Weald has a way of denying those deemed unworthy.
    "However, Bethwl has sent word that you require a special audience."
    • "I congratulate you, estramor - you have completed a journey that few are capable of."
    "Bethwl will be eager to hear of what you've learned. If her suspicions are correct, the words of the ancestors hold great portent not only for you, but also for the future of Eir Glanfath."
    • "I have prepared the snowcap according to ritual. But be warned." She holds up a finger. "Though some portion of the journey will take place in your mind, the dangers you face in the Weald can still claim your life.
    "The journey will begin whenever you choose, but it will not end until you have spoken with the ancestors or perished in the attempt."
    • "May your journey be instructive." She removes an oiled leather pouch from her robes. As she opens it, a heavy, musky odor assails you. The grove begins to spin, finally fading into darkness.
    When at last you come to your senses, you stand in an unfamiliar forest. The ground beneath your feet feels solid, and you do not think you are imagining the wet chill in the air.
  • Some references to the area still exist, but are unused. This includes the following quest items:
  • The idea of using hallucinogens to guide the party through an area may have been carried forward into Zahua's companion quest Secrets of the Tacan [WM2], where the Watcher can experience visions in Whitestone Hollow with the help of Zahua's drug mixture.


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