Wild Mylla

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Wild Mylla [WM2]
Quest wild mylla.jpg
Mylla with her "friends"
Quest giver
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Outcomes & Rewards
Finish the quest
  • 500 copper or Benevolent Disposition
Don't kill the wichts
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Wild Mylla is a task in The White March - Part II.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Mylla's been getting herself into trouble around Stalwart lately, but her mother hasn't been able to find her recently. The Watcher is asked to investigate.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Start the The White March - Part II story-line and talk to Royse in Stalwart Village.
  • Ask around about Mylla at Hamond's Emporium and the Temple of Abydon. Find her drawing, then show it to people related to her.
  • Optionally talk to Lödgar in Durgan's Battery.
    • Show him the drawing, he will tell you the place drawn on it and post it near his bed.
    • Tell him Mylla is missing and her location, he will rush out to find her without listening to you any further. This will temporarily clear the Skuldrak near the cave Mylla is playing, make her upset and a peaceful resolution impossible.
    • Tell him Mylla is missing, then insist you will find her without telling him her location, this will allow you to use him as an excuse to convince Mylla to go home peacefully.
  • Talk to Mylla in the cave in Whitestone Hollow. The following options allow you to convince her to go home without fighting:
  • Report back to Royse. At this point, Mylla will give you a loose tip on where to find the unique helmet Iverra's Diving Helmet if you didn't kill her "friends".

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 Wild Mylla
10000 Royse can't seem to find her daughter, Mylla.
1 Find Mylla.
10001 Mylla's been getting herself into trouble around Stalwart lately. Her mother, Royse, hasn't seen her but mentioned that she's been bothering Hamond, the new shopkeeper.
20009 Royse mentioned that her husband, Lödgar, is stationed at Durgan's Battery. She told me not to mention Mylla's disappearance to him.
20010 Hamond is dead and no longer of any use.
20000 Hamond hasn't seen Mylla, but he saw Asca scolding her the other day. Asca's usually by the yurt just south of Hamond's shop.
20011 Asca is dead and no longer of any use.
20001 Asca mentioned that Mylla doesn't seem to have a lot of guidance. Her father, Lödgar, works at Durgan's Battery and has had trouble keeping a job. Mylla got in trouble recently for visiting him, and she's been hanging around the village temple ever since.
20012 Engrim is dead and no longer of any use.
20002 At the temple, Engrim said that Mylla likes to sit by the furnace and draw. He worries that she's lonely without any friends her own age.
20006 I found one of Mylla's drawings at the temple. It depicts children playing near a cave. I should ask someone who knows Mylla well to see if they know more about this place.
20007 The place Mylla drew is somewhere in Whitestone Hollow.
20003 I found Whitestone Hollow. The cave Mylla drew must be nearby.
20004 The farmers of Whitestone Hollow haven't seen any children, though they warned that something's been killing a lot of deer lately.
20005 I told Lödgar about Mylla's disappearance. He ran off to look for her.
20008 I told Lödgar about Mylla's disappearance, but I convinced him to stay at Durgan's Battery and let me look for her.
2 Return to Royse in Stalwart.
10002 I got Mylla safely out of the wicht cave. Royse will be waiting for her in Stalwart.
End states
Yes Everyone OK
30000 Mylla had befriended a group of wichts and was hanging around their cave. I returned her to Stalwart.
Yes Lödgar fired
30001 Mylla had befriended a group of wichts. I returned her to Stalwart, but Lödgar lost his job when he went looking for her.
Yes Lödgar dead
30002 Mylla had befriended a group of wichts. Unfortunately, they killed Lödgar when he went looking for her. I've returned the girl safely to Stalwart now.
Yes Everyone OK + helmet
30003 Mylla had befriended a group of wichts and was hanging around their cave. I returned her to Stalwart. Before I left, she told me about a "bubble hat" hidden in Whitestone Hollow by some large roots.