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PE1 Winfrith.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Meadow human
Gender Male
Location Dyrford Village
Quests Blood Legacy
Services Merchant (Armor and Weapons)
Drops Small amount of Copper pands (cp)
Body Fine Scale Armor
Weapon Set 1 Mace
Weapon Set 2 Fine Mace

Winfrith is an armorer in the village of Dyrford and sells weapons and armor.

Background[edit | edit source]

A portly, smiling man tending to the local armory. Winfrith is fairly well-off in the quaint little hamlet, though finds the existence a bit on the boring side: Nothing really happens in the town on a day-to-day basis.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Icon gear.png
This character is a merchant. Sells: Armor and weapons.

Shop[edit | edit source]

He sells fine level armor and weapons, and some unique armor and weapons and has 5000 Copper pands (cp). He also sells some consumable for dialog and scripted interactions options.

Name Price [Copper pands (cp)] Amount
Pike tall grass icon.png Tall Grass 12075 1
Great sword the hours of st rumbalt icon.png The Hours of St. Rumbalt 10575 1
Rod grudge keeper icon.png Grudge-Keeper 6038 1
Spear ritezzis thorn icon.png Ritezzi's Thorn 4538 1
Crossbow fine icon.png Fine Crossbow 3075 1
Hunting bow fine icon.png Fine Hunting bow 3075 1
Quarterstaff fine icon.png Fine Quarterstaff 3075 1
Rapier backer mosquito icon.png Mosquito 3038 1
Battle axe fine icon.png Fine Battle axe 1538 1
Dagger fine icon.png Fine Dagger 1538 1
Hatchet fine icon.png Fine Hatchet 1538 1
Spear fine icon.png Fine Spear 1538 1
Shield small fine icon.png Fine Small Shield 1538 1
Padded armor angios gambeson icon.png Angio's Gambeson 4050 1
Hide armor fine icon.png Fine Hide Armor 1800 1
Leather armor fine icon.png Fine Leather Armor 1800 1
Padded armor fine icon.png Fine Padded Armor 1800 1
Boots zealous command icon.png Boots of Zealous Command 825 1
Amulet medallion mountaintop icon.png Voice of the Mountaintop 825 1
Rope-and-grappling-hook-icon.png Rope and Grappling Hook 113 1
Prybar icon.png Prybar 90 2
Hammer-and-chisel-icon.png Hammer and Chisel 75 2
Lockpick.png Lockpick 38 5
Torch icon.png Torch 15 1