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Wintertide Bulwark is a soulbound large shield in Beast of Winter. It can be bound to any class.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This massive, rime-crusted tower shield is crafted in a manner that blends the styles of Engwith with those of the White that Wends. The long, convex surface radiates excruciating chill.

Level 1
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"The frostkin came with the first snow. We'd only just celebrated the feast of the season's last whale - a wallhead, a true prize, brought to shore by our harpooners. We'd cut free thick slabs of meat and blubber, salting much, frying some, potting a portion to age. All the time - as we toiled and as we ate - we sang songs to its spirit, to thank it for its sacrifice and ease its return to the sea of souls.

"How well we ate! How deeply we drank! How loudly we sang! But as the snow fell, so too fell our voices. So too our spirits. For with the first frost comes the Horned One, and from its trail of cloven hoof prints rise its children."

Level 2
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"Siluq vanished first. The snow had fallen for days without sign of frostkin. Some began to whisper that this would be a good year. That we'd not be harried for every step we took north. We'd begun to relax.

"But Siluq vanished. None heard or saw it happen. He'd not gone hunting or left the trail to empty himself. He'd been ahead of Puniki - no weak-eyed huntress! - and she'd lost him for the merest moment to the white winds. When they subsided, he no longer was. His tracks ended.

"The snow was stone solid aside the path."

Level 3
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"None called me mad when I returned. None labeled me a liar. We'd lost three more, each as silently stolen as the first. For all of that we'd seen only one of the frostkin - a corpse, gaunt and white, the empty cavities of its face caked with frozen blood.

"When we reached the Shellstone Expanse, we sent scouts each way. I drew the westerly stone and set forth with bow and axe. I'd return with word of safe trails or word of danger, or I'd not return at all. Either way, I served the Enutanik.

"I saw it upon cresting the tumbledown boulders we name the Chieftain's Braid. So white it was, so very like the snow - I'd not have seen it were the sun not behind it, outlining it in orange and violet. It rose above the pines, the tallest of those trees not reaching its shoulders. Its horns scraped the clouds, tearing them open, and snow spilled from the rents. The frostkin flittered like snowflakes about its legs, each as long and sharp as ice, their boney hands grasping spears and shields shrouded in rime.

"I lingered less than a moment. We would travel east. To the west lay only our end."


Soulbound upgrades[]

Level Requirements Classes Value Damage Enchantments
Base Bind this item to unlock the next level
Any class
2,857Copper pands (cp)
1 Take 1000 damage
Any class
3,507Copper pands (cp)
2 Receive 100 Afflictions
Any class
5,757Copper pands (cp)
3 Be Missed by Enemies 500 times
Any class
5,907Copper pands (cp)