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Wirtan is a citizen of Gilded Vale who can be found in the Temple of Eothas. He gives the quest Buried Secrets.


A man lies resting against the wall, lit by the dim illumination of the fading sconces. He has a gaunt, foxlike aspect, and his face is pale and damp with sweat. One arm is held loosely against his side, sleeve soaked with blood. This is Wirtan, a one-time friend to the Eothasians living in Gilded Vale and Lord Raedric's hired hand.

After The Saint's War, Lord Raedric ordered all worshipers of Eothas to be executed, and Wirtan tried to save the priests in the Temple of Eothas by convincing them to leave. They refused, however, and when Lord Raedric brought his forces to Gilded Vale, Wirtan was able to convince the priests to hide in their temple's vault. However, when Wirtan told Raedric that the templewas emptied, Raedric ordered it to be sealed up. With no way to reach the priests and release them, Wirtan effectively condemned them to a slow, agonizing death of thirst.

The chance to make amends (and hide the fact he lied to Raedric, which would put him on a fast track for the gallows) came when Lord Raedric decided to open the temple and rededicate it to a new god. Wirtan tried sneaking inside and recovering the bones, but he was wounded by the vermin that took up residence in the temple since. That's when the Watcher comes in, finding the wounded Wirtan in the foyer of the ruined temple.

If Watcher spares, but drives Wirtan out of town, he may yet again be encountered, this time along with Gramfel the Wayfarer. He will try to persuade the bandit to show mercy on the Watcher, but his attempt will not succeed. This time there is no option to interact with him directly and he will die in a following battle.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

If the Watcher let him live in spite of his actions, he will appear at the Temple of Gaun. Solid meals and decent sleep have filled Wirtan's lean frame out somewhat, but the man retains a foxlike aspect around the face. He greets you with an indecisive smile, unsure of whether to be nervous or pleased. Wirtan chose to follow the Children of the Dawnstars to Deadfire, as atonement for his crimes. Although he found it hard to work with Readcerans at first, it only got easier as time went on.


Pillars of Eternity[]

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This character starts quests.

Buried Secrets


  • Buried Secrets: When Wirtan encounters the player character, he asks them to recover the bones of the deceased priests. He makes it sound as if it is a matter of respecting the priests, but it turns out he is trying to hide any evidence of his involvement of their deaths.