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Woodend Plains is a wilderness Area in Pillars of Eternity. It can be accessed as soon as you finish repairing the Eastern Barbican in Caed Nua.


A stretch of open land on the border of the northern forests, right outside Defiance Bay.

Points of interest[]

  • The area is defined by the highway crossing leading to Defiance Bay and the lands to the south. Your first order of business is to go south, following the trail, and talking to Sagani to round out your party.
  • To the east lies an exit to Stormwall Gorge. Directly north is a small mesa with a dead adventurer.
  • Right off the path to the northwest is a sizable band of lurkers led by a forest spirit. Best steer clear at early levels unless you enjoy a challenge. Further northwest is an elevated mesa with several lions and a shrine to Lover's Tides. The dead peasant carries the unique hatchet Hearth's Harvest. Once you find Ryona's Breastplate, a group of Bleak Walkers spawns near the mesa.
  • To the southwest, near the exit to Defiance Bay, lies a small, abandoned homestead. Iben, Eagar, Beacwof, and Venka are encountered here if you agree to recover the Scroll of Wael.
  • You might want to avoid exiting the map or taking a look to the south – later in Defiance Bay there's an opportunity to reveal that area per dialog or thievery, which isn't available if discovered now.
  • Foemyna can be found below the eastern cliffs if her bounty is active.






During the Task The Parable of Wael


During the Task Bounty: Foemyna


After the Sidequest The Theorems of Pandgram
Note: Only if you report her to Grimda.


Notable loot[]

Dead Adventurer:


Dead Pilgrim:

Wooden Box: