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Workshop is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The workshop is the heart of the research effort at Sayuka, where the brightest minds of Rauatai work to unlock the secrets of the Archipelago - and more. The coralmasons try to uncover the secret of the coral growing so large in the vicinity of the island, while the engineers are... Well, the engineers are engineering a submarine.

Points of interest[]

  • A single, large room with coralmasons and engineers. Once you've delivered Iverra, she will immediately correct the coralmason who tries to kick you are that you are, in fact, an invited guest. If Overgrowth is active, she will also provide you with Diving Equipment to reach Cignath Mór.


  • Hetu, an employee of the RDC and assistant to Iverra.

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