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Portrait xoti lg
PE2 Xoti
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Race Savannah human
Gender Female
Culture Readceras
Background Farmer
Subclass Sister of the Reaping Moon
Harvester of Gaun]]
Level 2
  • Health: 55
Accuracy 25
Penetration 7
Defenses Def: 30 Fort: 31 Ref: 37 Will: 42
DR 7
Elemental DR Slash: 7
Pierce: 7
Crush: 7
Shock: 7
Freeze: 7
Burn: 7
Corrode: 7
Abilities Interrupting Shot, Interfering Strikes, Binding Block, Fighting Spirit, Interfering Strikes, Holy Radiance, Blessed Harvest, Interdiction, Restore
Skills Alchemy 2
Arcana 2
Diplomacy 2
History 2
Religion 2
Insight 2
Location Port Maje, Port Maje Harbor or Neketaka, Temple of Gaun
Quests The Lantern of Gaun
Companion Permanent
Drops Crossbow, 3x Potion of Minor Healing, Potion of Spirit Shield, Antidote
Head Hood
Body Vestments of Gaun
Weapon Set Xoti's Sickle
Xoti's Lantern
Internal Name
GUID b1a7e806-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Xoti (pronounced shoti) is a female human monk and priest, and a recruitable companion in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.[1]

Background[ | ]

Xoti is a worshipper of Gaun, an aspect of Eothas focusing on the cycle of rebirth. Her early life was steeped in the devastation of the vorlas blight and the Saint's War, together with the inevitable fallout from the defeat of St. Waidwen. She chose to follow an aspect of Eothas that wasn't blown to bits by the Godhammer.

As a priestess of Gaun, she's fairly unorthodox (some even say profane). She believes that the death of Eothas at Halgot Citadel has not wiped out his aspects and Gaun, the rebirth aspect, is the part that fits her best. She's mostly self-taught, having started with the simple teachings of her aunt, and then books. Lots and lots of books. She read all the doctrines of Gaun, including the twelve books of Nyrwith, epistles from the minor prophets, and other apocrypha. In her view, though a lot of them aren't a part of today's canonization, that doesn't mean they're wrong. In the end, she chose to become a Reaper: A shepherd of lost souls, gathering them and storing them safely until the god of rebirth returns to Hel to allow them to be reborn to Eora.

Xoti was led to the Deadfire by dreams, filled with the dead left by Eothas in his wake.

Interactions[ | ]

Icon head
This character is a party member.
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This character starts quests.

The Lantern of Gaun

Companion[ | ]

Xoti is found at Port Maje at the Dawnstar encampment if you haven't searched the Engwithan Digsite, or at the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka. Simply talking to her and revealing that you are a Watcher following Eothas will earn her faithful service. She starts with the unique hatchet, Xoti's Sickle, and Xoti's Lantern.


Reputation[ | ]

  • Xoti likes:
    • Pro-Eothasians: Supports the followers of Eothas.
    • Lighthearted: Appreciates jokes and levity in life, even in the darkest of circumstances.
    • Impassioned: She is a passionate person and responds well to people with similarly strong emotions.
    • Worldly: Appreciates a cosmopolitan lifestyle and outlook on life.
  • Xoti dislikes:
    • Antireligious: Believes the gods and religions serve a useful purpose for mortals and dislikes irreverence or insults directed at them.
    • Irresponsibility: Finds it distasteful when others do not take their duties seriously or attempt to evade their rightful responsibilities.
    • Skullduggery: Takes a dim view of people who employ underhanded and deceptive tactics to get their way.

Relationships[ | ]


  • As a fellow follower of Eothas, Xoti is infatuated with Edér from the moment they first meet.
  • Xoti's religious zeal causes Edér to keep his distance, but this can be addressed through specific companion banter.
    • After the banter that begins with "You're a follower of the light?", Edér will seek advice from the Watcher.
    • Any response results in a resolution between Xoti and Edér, allowing them to become friends instead.
  • If this situation plays out (or not), it will be reflected in Xoti's end-game slides.


  • Xoti and Maia can form a relationship through their mutual reputation likes.
  • The Watcher learns about this through banter and conversations with Maia.
  • Their relationship/breakup will reflect in Xoti's end-game slides.

The Watcher

  • Xoti can be romanced if your reputation with her is positive 2 or higher. More 'intimate' dialogue options are available after she wakes up from the nightmare.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Xoti was written by Megan Starks.[2]
  • She is voiced by actress Laura Bailey.
  • Xoti's mother is Savanna Folk, from the Ixamitl Plains, and her father is Meadow Folk, descended from Aedyran colonists in Readceras.

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