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Xoti's Sickle is a hatchet in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This sickle was originally forged as a cheap farming implement, but in Xoti's hands it is a potent weapon. The aspect of Eothas known as Gaun is often depicted carrying a sickle with which he reaps what is sown in life, carrying out the cycle of death and rebirth. In service of Gaun, Xoti carries a similar tool - emulating the holy act of reaping. This sickle, while outwardly ordinary, has inherited power from Xoti's strong faith.



Mod Effect Cost Ingredients Mod removed
Finality +3 Raw Damage per 3.0 sec for 18.0 sec on scoring Hit against ≤ 25% Health targets Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1
Urgent Harvest +15% Action Speed for 10.0 sec when near a slain enemy (increases with Religion skill) (Religion * 0.005) + 1.15 Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1