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Portrait ydwin lg
PE2 Ydwin
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Race Pale elf
Gender Female
Culture The White that Wends
Background Scientist
Personality Erudite
Level 4
  • Health: 66
Accuracy 51
Penetration 7
Defenses Def: 31 Fort: 26 Ref: 51 Will: 50
DR 3
Elemental DR Slash: 3
Pierce: 3
Crush: 3
Shock: 3
Freeze: 3
Burn: 3
Corrode: 3
Abilities Parrying Blade, Needle Strike, Binding Block, Elemental Endurance, One-Handed Style, Soul Whip, Eyestrike, Mind Wave, Sneak Attack, Defensive Roll, Escape, Blinding Strike
Location Spire of the Soul-Seers
Quests An Honored Guest
To Rise and Decline
The Higher-Ups
Companion Permanent
Body Vailian Frock Coat
Weapon Rapier
Internal Name
GUID b1a7e807-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Ydwin is a female Glamfellen cipher / rogue, and a recruitable sidekick in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. She works side by side with Flaune Elette of the Vailian Trading Company as an animancer.

Background[ | ]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A steady white-haired elf frowns down at a table covered in coiled copper wires and glimmering shards of adra. Her gloved hands smooth her well-tailored Vailian coat as she mumbles under her breath. Her clothing is spotless and well-tailored in the Old Vailian style, replete with lace, silk velvet, and brocade.

Ydwin was born and raised among a remote pale elf tribe of the White that Wends, where she witnessed cruelties of both kith and nature.[1] She chose to leave when she grew disillusioned with the leadership of the tribal elders and the religious worship of the coming End Times, which seem to be running about ten thousand years late.[2] She focused on unraveling the mysteries of Eora the hard way: Through natural sciences.

Ydwin chose to relocate to the Vailian Republics due to their progressive attitude towards animancy. She greatly enjoys their grand libraries, which she considers to be the republics "true treasures".[3] She left in part due to the tensions between The Dyrwood and the Republics that were caused by the events in Pillars of Eternity, and also needed better access to luminous adra for her studies.[4]

As well as being an animancer she is also a talented seamstress, finding that the two practices have more in common than one might think. She enjoys adopting pieces of culture from other nations and has a near perfect Vailian accent.

Animancy[ | ]

After decades of study, Ydwin has became an expert in the metaphysics of Eora and is a skilled practitioner of animancy.

As an apprentice, she focused on discrediting animancy phrenological studies and the idea that some kith are more desirable soul vessels than others. She then became interested in theoretical ideas, before taking an interest in the study of parapsychological inertia - or "the tendency for some souls to gravitate towards familiar locals or engage in behaviors exhibited from past lives." Following that, she moved on to meta-mortality - or "the scientific study of souls over lifetimes and the cycle of reincarnation."[5]

She holds a deep interest in the Watcher's abilities and the hunt for Eothas, which she believes "may be one of the defining events of the age". Apart from doing her own experiments she has a keen interest in unlocking the secrets of luminous adra and its ability to store souls. Following the Watcher out to sea is a good way to ensure that can happen.

Soul[ | ]

Shortly after her recruitment, the Watcher can discover exactly how intense her focus on animancy is: Ydwin performed a successful experiment and removed her soul from the Wheel - becoming, effectively, a fampyr. She keeps herself sustained on the souls of animals.

Interactions[ | ]

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An Honored Guest
To Rise and Decline
The Higher-Ups

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Relationships[ | ]

  • As a sidekick she does not have any direct reputations with other companions. However, several party members will remark on her fampyr state.
  • Upon recruitment with Aloth in the party, he interjects when the Watcher asks about Ydwin's method for sustaining herself, saying "it had better not involve consuming us". Ydwin will reply, "I assure you, sir, that I will be admitting no part of you into my mouth. Ever."

Trivia[ | ]

  • According to Modwyr, Ydwin sings "Wending epics" when she thinks no one is listening, which Modwyr thinks would almost be nice, except Ydwin apparently has a "terrible singing voice".
  • A fan favorite, Ydwin would have been a fully-featured companion if the highest funding level was reached during the Fig crowdfunding campaign. Although it failed, Ydwin was provided with new interactivity and expanded role in the Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum expansions.

Gallery[ | ]

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • Ydwin was written by Alex Scokel.
  • She is voiced by actress Ashley Johnson who also voices the narrator for the game.


  1. Fig Update # 17 - The Last Few Hours! Our 8th Companion, New Stretch Goal, and Key Announcements!
  2. Ydwin in Harbingers' Watch: "I left the Land due to exactly this manner of nonsense. Our people have likely been chanting about the coming of the final winter for ten thousand years."
  3. Ydwin on Vailian Republics: "The Republics take the most progressive attitude towards the subject, and thus they attract its foremost scholars. Among whom I count myself." and "They were the true treasure of the Republics. The collected histories, dramas, and comedies of Old Vailia. The most advanced arcane theories of Aedyr."
  4. When asked why she left the Vailian Republics: "Increased tensions between the Republics and the Dyrwood, for one. I had little interest having my experiments disrupted by some grudge-bearing bricklayer from Defiance Bay." and "Mostly, though, my studies demanded more luminous adra than I could afford to import. So I sought out the source."
  5. When asked about her area of study: "As an apprentice, I focused on - and then helped discredit - the phrenological approach." and "Some of my - colleagues - had a vested interest in a model of the world that included an inherent hierarchy of kith. That some kith made more worthy receptacles for souls than others - based on the shape of their brow or the length of their ears - was apparently an idea too tantalizing to abandon." and "Afterwards my interests turned to the theoretical, before shifting a few decades later to the study of parapsychological inertia." and "From there I moved on to work in meta-mortality, the scientific study of souls over lifetimes and the cycle of reincarnation."