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Yezuha is a mysterious region or nation to the east of the Deadfire, beyond the storms of Ondra's Mortar. It is a vast expanse of hot and dry land bordered by mountains, with dust storms plaguing the heart of the nation, Lipasalis in dust. The dust storms originate in the vast, red desert beyond the mountains. Their language is called Seki.[1] The History of Eora, Volume VII: The Three Body Agreement in the Forgotten Sanctum names Yezuha as the third major empire of the Engwithan era, and states that both Yezuha and Ukaizo were subverted through Engwithan influence and power.


  • The people who live in Yezuha are a unique type of human, called storm folk for their isolation beyond the storms. Very few are known to survive travel through the storm front and live to tell the tale. Rekke is the only known one.