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A Young Drake is a beast in Pillars of Eternity. You can encounter them in Searing Falls and Pearlwood Bluff. They are highly resistant to Burn damage, and are slightly vulnerable to Pierce damage.


Drakes represent the middle stage of a dragon's life cycle. They have developed from wurms, but have not reached (and may never reach) the dragon stage. Drakes will aggressively defend their territory and seek to expand it as much as possible. Drakes are actively hostile against other drakes, who represent competition for scarce resources.

Their coloration reflects the territory they have claimed. A drake living in a swamp, for instance, may be shades of green, brown and black, and possess nictitating membranes, a flat snout, and raised nostrils. While all drakes can breathe fire, many also develop alternate breath attacks, incorporating other elements.


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